dimecres, 18 d’abril de 2018

The water cycle by Fifth Graders!

In fifth grade we're learning facts about our planet and this month we've been talking about the water cycle. Let us know what you think about our presentations. ENJOY! 

dilluns, 9 d’abril de 2018

Stay healthy with Fifth graders!

The 5th graders are back with our oral presentations about DIETS. We were learning about food so we decided to learn about the food in different countries. 
We hope you like them!

dijous, 5 d’abril de 2018

ESO interviewers!

Welcome again! 
Today we have prepared different interviews. We hope that you all can enjoy them and learn some curiosities about famous people like the Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton, the singer, composer and actress Selena Gomez, and even the guy who, by eating 25000 bigmacs, has beaten a Guinness World Record. 
Don’t you want to know a little bit more?

divendres, 23 de març de 2018


Our pupils from P3, P4 and P5 want to wish you HAPPY EASTER! 

We have done various activities: Easter eggs, bunny rabbits... You can see that we learned and enjoyed a lot!

We also leave you a link from a video that we have seen and we liked it a lot!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wF-1TojnzUg

dijous, 22 de març de 2018

Enjoy EASTER with 6th grade!

Today some of the 6th graders have done an Easter egg hunt, where they had to find some eggs hidden in the playground. After finding all, this is the picture that we've got!

Happy EASTER to everyone!

dilluns, 19 de març de 2018

Enjoy EASTER with First grade!

Last week of classes! 
The students of first grade have prepared an easter song for you! Here's the video. 

HAPPY EASTER to everybody and have a nice holiday! 

Fifth and sixth grade in action!

Last week the 5th and 6th graders joined to play some games! 

The 6th graders had prepared the "HOT POTATOE", "SKIP THE WORD" and "STEAL THE BACON" explanations to become mini-teachers and to guide the 5th graders playing the games! 

He had so much fun!